As 2019 has started, people started planing their travel calender. There must be ample places in list and mind. Every place on planet is its own charm. This goes without say that choice and preference of destination varies from per person depending on their liking and preference. These places come with different budget. These places offer their own places of tourist interest.
I have hand picked few destinations for year 2019 :

1. Chiang Mai : This one of the place in Thailand which is surrounded by mountains. It is situated on banks of Ping River. It also served as capital city of Lanna Kingdom. Chiang Mai is well connected with Thailand’s Capital, Bangkok. It is also internationally connected to many important Regional cities like Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore etc. Also this is well connected by Roads & Train with many Thai Cities. Chiang Mai has a bundle of offering for tourists. Best amoung that is Cherry Blossom. You need not to necessarily go to Japan to see cherry blossom.This offers best and reasonable cherry blossom. This one of less visited destination for the Cherry lovers. If Cherry blossom fascinates you, this is the place.
2. Bali : Bali is one of noted spots of travel in Far East. This is the place which brings you an amalgamation of ancient heritage and modern beach.  This is well connected  by air with almost all major cities in SE Asia. Indonesia offers visa free entry to nationals of many countries. This place offers you remains of ancient temples. Some to name are Tanah Lot, Ubud city, Pura Taman Saraswati, just to name a few. Apart from ancient sites this also offers wonderful beaches like Bentota and Kuta. Kuta is the prime area of Bali liked and inhabited by tourists. Bali as a place is quite reasonable.
3. Siem Reap : This city of Cambodia is well known for “Ankor Wat”. Siem reap is well connected by  air to all major cities of SE Asia. Ankor Wat is one of biggest religious monument of world. It was originally a Hindu Temple and later converted to Buddhist Temple. Apart from Ankor there is one more tourist attraction : Tonle Sap Lake with Floating Village, a wonderful water village. This has touch of wonderful traditional lives of local residents.
4. Hampi :  Hampi is an ancient village in Indian state of Karnataka. This has remains of temples buit during Vijayanagara Kingdom. Hampi is well connected with Train and roads with all parts of India. It also has good connectivity by air. The magnificent remains of History will make one’s day. Hampi is a small city and can be easily seen by hiring a car or even a bicycle.
5. Kandy : Kandy is a central Sri Lankan City. This is well connected with Colombo by roads. This has wonderful Buddhist Sites, specially Temple of Tooth. Apart from that Peradeniya Botanical Garden, Kandy Lake, Udawattakele Botanical garden are few high rates tourist places in Kandy.
These places in Asia are bit uncommon and offers wonderful  tourist attractions.
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