Howrah Bridge Howrah bridge is a cantilever bridge which connects twin cities of Howrah and Kolkata. It was commissioned in the year 1943. It was previously named as new Howrah Bridge. It replaced Pontoon bridge. On 14th June 1965, it was renamed as Rabindra Setu after Nobel Laureate Ravindranath Tagore.

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Mother’s House is located at AJC Bose Road in Kolkata, in Indian state of West Bengal. This was the home of Nobel Laureate and Saint – Mother Teresa – from 1953. After her death in 1997, she was buried on the ground floor of this building. Since then, this place is a pilgrimage place. Mother’s  Tomb is visited by thousands of people, on yearly basis.

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St John’s Church was built by East India Company after Calcutta became Capital of British India. It is situated on the north west corner of Raj Bhawan – The Governor’s House.  It acted as Anglian Cathedral till 1847 and was known as Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

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Jorasakho is a locality in Northern Kolkata in Indian State of West Bengal. It is said, this place got its name from two wooden bridges near by. There is another school of thought which says the name came from Twin Shiva temples. This place is more famous for distinguished seat of Tagore family.

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Victoria Memorial is one of the landmark buildings in Kolkata. It was made in the memory of Queen Victoria. After 1857 war of independence, India came under direct British rule. Prior to this was under rule of East India Company. Queen Victoria became the Empress of British India.

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 Corona virus outbreak from Wuhan province of China, has become a great matter of concern for the entire world. This killed hundreds of people and almost paralyzed economic activities in all possible ways. The increasing number of dead is really painful. Entire world is keeping an eye on the situation. Continue reading “Corona Virus : A Global Travel Concern !”

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Travel is the best way to see and know the world. This is an amazing way to enrich our knowledge. This makes the way for mixing and knowing the culture prevalent in other parts of world. Every year you should make your bucket-list for travel. We have jotted down below seven places which are hidden gems for travelers for the year 2020 ! 

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Pattaya is a one of the most visited beach destination in South East Asia. This is easily accessible destination and come within anyone’s budget. This place offers many attractive places for the tourists. 

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Thailand is a wonderful country in far east. This is well connected with entire world with huge array of airlines. This is a country which opens door for tourist with “Swadeekhaa”, traditional way of saying greetings.

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As 2019 has started, people started planing their travel calender. There must be ample places in list and mind. Every place on planet is its own charm. This goes without say that choice and preference of destination varies from per person depending on their liking and preference. These places come with different budget. These places offer their own places of tourist interest.
I have hand picked few destinations for year 2019 :

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